Independence Day

Dia Independencia Day Parade

Mexican Independence Day (Dia de la Independencia) is the 16th of September. The famous “Cry” or “El Grito” is celebrated the night before. It is a memorial to the famous call to Revolution performed by Miguel Hidalgo in 1825.

Everyone in Mexico gathers at town and city centres for the celebration. Throughout the evening, a speaker will lead several shouts of “Long live …..” (“Viva ….!”) for example:

“Viva Puerto Escondido!” “VIVA!”

“Viva Oaxaca!” “VIVA!”

“Viva Mexico.” “VIVA!” “Viva Mexico!” “VIVA! VIVA MEXICO!!!” “VIVA!!!!”

The mood is fantastic and the enthusiasm is contagious. It’s really fun, impressive and memorable!

Independence Day Parade MexicoThe next morning, there is a parade of students, military and colourful floats. Mexico is replete with fascinating examples of cultural and patriotic heritage and plenty of reasons to celebrate.

¡Viva México!